Sandstone Healthcare Group Success

Rehabilitation Care with Sandstone Healthcare Group

At Sandstone Healthcare Group, we are proud to witness the remarkable journeys of resilience experienced by our patients every day. These stories of determination and recovery are a testament to the dedication of our team and the supportive environment we provide, with the invaluable support of Reliant Rehabilitation:

Navigating Post-Hospital Care: A Guide to Recovery and Support

Following an extended hospitalization due to severe medical complications, one of our patients arrived at Sandstone American Fork in need of extensive assistance with mobility and daily activities. Despite the challenges, she approached her inpatient rehabilitation sessions with unwavering determination and a unique sense of humor that brought joy to all. From discussing episodes of the Bachelor to diligently working on her rehabilitation goals, she found the joy in making remarkable progress. With the collaborative efforts of Sandstone and Reliant Rehabilitation, she is on track to safely return home, showcasing the power of resilience.

Our second patient’s journey highlights the transformative impact of rehabilitation. After battling heart complications for over three months in the hospital, he arrived at Sandstone American Fork, dependent on all care and mobility tasks. Despite the significant challenges he faced, his infectious personality, great smile, and selfless attitude never wavered. Through the care provided by our Sandstone and Reliant teams, he has made strides towards independence. From being bed-bound to packing his bags to return home, his journey is a testament of strength and  human spirit.

A Skilled Nursing Facility Are Creating Success Stories Worth Celebrating

Our everyday success stories remind us of the durability within each individual and the transformative power of rehabilitation. At Sandstone Healthcare Group, we are honored to play a part in these journeys of recovery and empowerment. We have 15 facilities that offer skilled nursing care for post-hospital recovery.

Sandstone American Fork is one of Sandstone Healthcare Group 15 rehabilitation centers dedicated to providing comprehensive post-hospital rehabilitation and post-acute care services, including short and long-term care, skilled nursing, and therapy programs. Additionally, the in-house hemodialysis and IV therapy offered by a few facilities makes it easier for patients to access this vital treatment without the hassle of transport. This commitment to care and convenience positions Sandstone Healthcare Group as a leading provider in the region, ensuring that patients receive the support they need to achieve optimal recovery and well-being. We encourage those who need rehabilitation to visit our locations overview to find what facility works best for you.

These stories inspire us to continue our mission of delivering care, person-to-person.